As a starting point, our services are tailored to the requirements of the business owner or individual. The method of working and interactions that we have found best suits both our clients and us consists of several phases. 

 After a short discussion to understand what you are looking for, we’ll arrange a formal initial session. This takes typically 2 hours and allows both of us to see if we can help. This exploratory session is free of charge. Depending on the outcome of the meeting a proposal covering any deliverables for us, and a timing and costing plan is produced for acceptance by yourselves. There is also no charge for this proposal. 

Upon acceptance, the project will begin and, depending on the work needed by us, this typically require further discussions with the owners and staff, and researching company and industry statistics, trends, and opportunities. The agreed outputs (e.g. findings, recommendations, financial models, structures, etc) will be presented during and on completion of the stage. 

In respect of our fees, we can provide competitive hourly, daily, monthly rates or can provide a fixed price arrangement. Typically, the fees are between R750 and R2,500 per hour, depending on the resources needed. An invoice supported by timesheets will be submitted at the end of the phase or monthly if needed. 

Any further work can be agreed upon and planned. This work, if needed, typically covers specific projects that flow from the initial project. A fee structure similar to the earlier stage will be levied during this stage.

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