The attached guide is to assist you in your journey through the business world. Although much is focused on the larger organisations, anyone who reports to a boss and operates in teams can find value.

No one specific event triggered this guide, it is a culmination of events and the content evolved. Formalising the guide came about after I was approached by a young graduate who was working in a highly competitive corporate entity and was struggling to make sense of the environment. Previously my involvement with mentoring staff trying to develop themselves in our organization, had prompted me to make some notes to assist in the sessions, and these became a range of tips, lessons, and ideas for them to consider.

I have also, since leaving the corporate world, begun documenting some ideas in anticipation of my mentoring sessions. What became clear is I needed to devise a more structured approach for my ideas to ensure the interventions flowed and everybody obtained the most from the interactions. Subsequently people have asked me to share my experiences and a guide seemed the best way to broadly distribute the knowledge.


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